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Our Services & facilities
Our facilities allow us to provide tailored services for a variety of needs, including general fitness, weight loss, rehabilitation and managing specific chronic and/or lifestyle illnesses. 
  1. Group Exercise Classes
    Our expert instructors offer loads of classes every week in our spacious fitness studio, ranging from hardcore kick boxing and high impact classes, to fun favourites like Zumba. Group exercise is an invigorating way to keep your exercise routine fun!
  2. Personal Training
    Definition offers one-on-one personal training. This is great for those who are brand new to exercise or a gym environment, as well as those looking to conquer a more specific goal.
  3. Weight loss support
    Definition hosts programs which target weight loss in a healthy way. Definition is always taking a new round of intakes for the next program, so ask today about the next start date!
  4. Diabetes Care Program
    Next Intake now open. Commencing our weekly sessions to help you better manage your diabetes, including information on diet, exercise, monitoring and actual exercise classes. All new participants receive a one month free membership to the club.
  5. Disability support
    Definition offers services via TherapyCare which are aimed at improving the lives of those living with disability. To learn more, feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff members.
  6. Rehabilitation
    Definition offers exercise programs to aid in rehabilitation of patients who may have experienced an ailment from a fall or accident. Our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists create tailored programs to aid patients on the road to recovery.

Class Descriptions




Sculpt is the evolution of barbell programs without the boredom. Progressive weight load used to achieve awesome muscle tone. No muscle group left untouched.
Boxing is the ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing program ever, using freestanding punching bags with no co-ordination needed just pure adrenaline. Don’t forget to bring your own gloves for hygiene purposes.
Why go out when you can Zumba this is a fitness class with a twist it combines fun dance movements into a fantastic workout. This is the only class that is not included in your membership however as a member you get access to this class for $5 instead of $12 for non-members.

Gentle Exercise



Gentle exercise is a very low impact class designed for seniors and beginners. A fun, social way to increase your strength and general fitness using a mix of exercises.
Perform each exercise with the highest intensity possible during the 20-second bursts, and try to recover during the 10-second rest periods. Repeat once through, totaling four minutes.
XFitness is a class that combines boxing, martial arts, drills, conditioning, circuit exercises, cycle, plyometrics. All fitness levels, designed to suit your needs. Remember to bring your gloves!




Gentle/Stretch is a routine of low impact exercises focusing on Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Muscle tone. Also includes using the Exercise ball.
Step/ABT combines simple moves targeting the Abs, Butts and Thighs whilst using a step, ball and mat.
Pilates – A flexibility program to produce a leaner, stronger body with added muscle tone and improved posture.


Long  & Lean


ABT is a low impact class designed to target the abs, butt and thighs.
A combination class of Thai-chi, Yoga, Pilates and Gentle stretch to assist with strengthening back and core, and flexibility.
The Name says it all, a variety of exercises mainly focusing on weights to burn fat and tone muscles. Choose your own weight throughout the class.


Tai Chi

All our classes are for all fitness levels, as you can do them at your own pace
and our friendly instructors will give you plenty of options if you need them.

Please remember to inform the Instructor before the class if you have any injuries or health issues.

Enjoy your workout!
Utilising a fitball this class focuses on strengthening all muscles, especially stomach and lower back, also assiting with flexibility and toning your body.
Tai Chi is a moving form of yoga and meditation that helps your physical and mental balance, increases muscle strength, flexibility and relaxation and improves posture.